Friday, December 30, 2011

Clear Book Cover

Clear book covers are not something you see everyday and to make my piece stand out, I made it my mission to develop a way to make them work.  I was able to look at a few examples online such as a Dyson book with clear covers.  However, none of these other designs used hinges to give it a clean modern feel.

Fill Car Book Cover Page
I went to Lowe's to buy all of the components which included; acrylic, white wall switch screws, and 1.5" silver hinges.  The final product looks like a prefabbed purchased kit but it was cut and drilled from scratch.  I used a score and edge technique to cut the acrylic myself.  I used a small hand drill similar to a screw driver to drill the holes in the acrylic.

Fill Car Book Sample Page
Here is a sample page to give you an idea for its contents.  The objective was to use the same text on all the pages but to arrange and adjust the text in a different way.  As I progressed through the different sections, my limits on the design I could produce were removed until I had almost complete freedom.

Fill Car Book Back Cover
Lastly, I made the back cover simple and elegant with my signature and left it relatively plain.  I made the water higher up on the page to represent the tank filling up compared to the front cover.

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