Sunday, February 19, 2012

Graphic Design Posters

Poster design is a large part of Graphic Design in how the designer creates a hierarchy for the information being conveyed and presents it in a clear composition.  The arrangement of the information usually reinforces the information to make a concise piece.  Here I have posted some of my own work as an example.

Gill Sans Type Poster
A poster to feature a typeface of our choice.

Typographic Poster Design

A poster I made for a band with the requirements of it must be in gray scale for cheap printing.  I was given a list of information that must be presented on the poster and arrange it in a way that quickly conveys the import information to people passing.

Rise Against Lyric Poster

This is a typographic poster I made to convey the meaning of "The Good Left Undone" by Rise Against.  The simple meaning of the lyrics is you reach a point (red line) in a relationship with someone that you cannot go back and things go downhill after that.  This is represented by the blue lines as a gauges past red line and the text fading into nothing.  Conveys the meaning that the relationship is under pressure and falling apart.

27th Letterform

This is another typographic poster that I made with the intention of creating a 27th letter form pronounced "Kah."  My new letter is displayed in uppercase and lower case on the left and placed in the alphabet on the right.  


  1. you really have a good taste of design. I like your blog banner. graphic design hervey bay

  2. Thank you Natalie, I have invested alot of time in making this blog.


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