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May 28, 2020
Another Website Update
  • Almost all demian5.com pages are now on level32.net. It gives me more technical possibilities.
  • Redesign of both cover pages (L32 & d5)
  • Products added to the shop
May 18, 2020
Website Update
  • demian5.com is now connected to level32.net
  • Webshop moved to level32.net
  • Redesign Site "Contact"
  • Redesign "Social Media"
  • Redesign Site "Events & News"
  • Redesign Site "Portfolio"
May 5, 2020
New Publisher: Level 32

The new Demian 5 Publishing Company has just been founded: Level 32.
For the moment it will only publish comics and merchandise by Demian 5. Maybe at some distant point in the future we will contract other artists, too. We'll see.