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-When I am King- (Softcover)


By Demian 5.

A king dreams of flowers. He goes east, looking for them. Meets a dramel. The dramel eats his loincloth. And so the story of this book begins: on a quest looking for dignity, this royal entity needs to learn to accept that he doesn't have any. Yet.

When I am King is a humouristic Story without any taboos. The book version from 2018 is based on the cult webcomic from 2001, but goes further. The artwork has been refined, new scenes have been added, experimental web stuff has been replaced with experimental book stuff.

"Such a great comic from the early webcomics days. Don't miss the (surprisingly well-adapted) print version of demian 5's demented masterpiece."
-Scott McCloud

132 Pages, without words

16 cm x 25 cm

This softcover version from 2019 is bigger than the hardcover version from 2018, and displays a brand new cover by demian 5.

Also available in bookshops. ISBN 978-3-946642-75-6.

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